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Mice, squirrels, beavers, woodchucks, and any other attic rodent. Our rodent control services are not like that of normal animal control trappers or pest control companies. We do not use any types of poisons to control a mouse, rat, or squirrel problem. Our rodent control techniques are controlled through trapping techniques, proofing repairs, and maintenance programs. Getting rid of rodents is only the first step in solving your mice, squirrel, or rat problem. Keeping them out by caulking, screening openings, and capping vents is the best method for getting rid of them for good.

Bat removal and control specialists. Getting rid of bats from attics and homes is our expertise. To rid a bat problem it isn't as simple as setting traps or laying down repellents. Lights, mothballs, or poisons won't work either to solve a bat problem. The only way to get rid of bats from your home or attic is to evict them through the live exclusion process. It's not necessary to think bat pest control or bat exterminator to solve your bat problem. Consider live bat removal to get rid of bats today. You can read more about the bat exclusion process by clicking the bat removal link.

Bird control, prevention, and nest removal. We have specialized in bird control since the beginning. We carry all necessary equipment to get rid of birds from buildings, homes, attics, fireplaces, etc. We can solve any bird problem with proper netting, bird spikes, repellents, and bird proofing. Birds typically nest in exhaust vents, attics, eave troughs, building signs, metal beams, and other places high up. Let our bird control team of South East, MI get rid of your unwanted birds today!

Animal trapping of nuisance wildlife including; bats, birds, mice, raccoon's, squirrels, groundhogs, skunks, opossums, coyotes, fox, and moles. Animal trapping isn't much of skill however it may be necessary to solve your nuisance wildlife problem. We typically try every other method to solve your wild animal problem before we go to animal trapping. Sometimes last resort is to trap the unwanted animal. Although animal trapping may not be too difficult however it is important to consider what bait to use and trap placement.

​Attic restoration of damaged insulation caused from raccoon's, bats, rats, mice and birds. Attic decontamination and insulation replacement is a necessity when dealing animal waste or bat guano to prevent the spread of disease, bacteria, and fungi. Removing the insulation and waste is only the first step in restoring your attic. We can also replace any insulation back to it's original state or add more insulation to get you attic up to code. If you have raccoon damage or bat guano in the attic consider having your attic restored and cleaned.

Wildlife prevention is good to keep nuisance animals and attic pest out of your home. Wildlife proofing your home is essential when dealing with unwanted pest. Most wild animals are very territorial and will often come back to a home if the repairs are not done right. We offer all types of repairs. Chimney caps, eves, gable vents, ridge vents, bathroom vent covers, caulking, screening, flashing, deck screening and more. We use caulking and roof sealant on all repairs. We never use spray foam for repairs! It looks awful and never lasts. The absolute only time for spray foam use is when controlling air flow and insulation purposes. Always used from inside out, never outside in.

Wildlife Control Services in a Nutshell



The initial step to the exclusion process is identifying the severity of your wildlife problem, locating entry points, finding other potential points of entry into the attic or home, and identifying what type of problem you have.



This is the step you will take when getting rid of your wildlife problem. Once you identify the point of entry the wildlife are using, you will need a one way door traps. We like to use a one-way door or posi-trap system to ensure the catch or exclusion of the critter.


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Once the animals or birds are excluded it's time make sure everything sealed up. This includes screening vents, repairing ridge vents, and caulking roof lines and trim.

Attic Restoration and Bat Guano Removal- Bat guano and other wildlife droppings caries many fungi and bacterial diseases so it's important to clean up the attic.

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